10 Best Wardrobe Designs/Built in Wardrobes. 

We have been creating and fabricating sliding doors since 1999.  Starting with the Classic Mirror Sliding Door, Carl soon realised that the opening for the sliding door is a large area and that elements of the sliding door could be used to bring furniture, floors and hero pieces in the room together.

Our customers agreed, so over the years there has been a collaboration between our awesome customers, dedicated staff and Carl to bring design features to the humble Sliding Door.



No. 10 Timber Sliding doors from our Infinity Collection

Our contemporary approach to traditional “timber panel sliding doors”.   The INFINITY doors are elegantly floating pieces of polished edge glass, framed vertically in hand selected timber of your choice. We regularly colour match to work with existing floors and furniture. 

The Glass panels add a sleek new level of sophistication and lightness to your room.

Our Infinity Sliding Doors can also be made as a “Top Hung” sliding door…. a classy alternative to the much maligned “barn doors”.

No.9 MODE Doors

This is our creative version of the classic mirror door.  Our Mode Sliding Door design has been in constant production for over 15 years, we believe largely because of the flexibility this design offers to most contemporary interiors.  Panels can match the walls, be a neutral white, even a timber-grain finish and the vertical mirror insert provides an adequate dress mirror to the room.

Our MODE doors are really for clients who need a bit of dress mirror, but do not want a whole wall of mirror. They do give your room a modern feel.

No. 8. Creative Print Artwork

Dress up your wardrobe doors with a personal print design.  Internal Sliding Doors in your home occupy a large space and can effectively be viewed as a blank canvass just waiting for you to personalise.

Some clients are looking for their personal totem to be subtly printed onto black glass.  Palm Fronds, Lotus flowers, Frangipanis, indeed botanicals in general have been very popular.

 So too are photographic works and replicating original artworks (with the artists permission of course)

We have a fantastic range of artwork on file for you to use and we are always interested in bringing your one-off pieces to life.

No. 7.  Up-Cycling Floorboards

The recent profusion of floating flooring options has opened up a design concept where we incorporate some of the left-over floorboards into the sliding doors.  This provides a harmonious finish to the room and can really “tie- in” smaller spaces, where additional materials will only create a cluttered mish-mash of finishes.

The Doors look very smart and they are smart for the environment too!

Utilising the short ends of flooring off a job site, that may otherwise have ended up in landfill, is just good sense!

Do your bit, save the planet and UP-CYCLE those floating floor-boards!

No. 6. SUKIYA Doors

Our much loved “louvre sliding doors”.  Like all our timber sliding doors you have a choice of panels, timbers and finishes to match existing floors and furniture.  Our exclusive SUKIYA design incorporates a custom “basket-weave” pattern into the timber inserts, providing texture, detail and above all ventilation.

With our unique vertical basket-weave orientation you need not fret the terrible dust collection that occurs with normal louvre doors.

This is Luxury Tropical Design at its very best!

No. 5.  The “Moving Wall”

A fantastic recent innovation, which is creating a lot of excitement, is the Sliding Wall of Doors we designed for Abode New Homes in their Display Home, North Crest. 

Conveniently hidden behind these 5 doors is an en-suite, reach in wardrobe and a walk-in robe.

No.4: LEGO Doors

It’s all about the kids! 

The Lego insert panel on the front door provides a fun point of interest for any child’s room. The main panels are generally white glass or magnetic whiteboard. Both surfaces can be drawn on with whiteboard markers for your children to be creative or you can leave those handy reminders… “clean up your room” or “don’t forget to walk the dog!” lol. 

No. 3: Is our Modern take on the Traditional Barn Door. 

The picture shows a door we made for our show room using recycled western red cedar.  Customers have come to us with some awesome ideas for barn doors and top hung doors that we have been able to make reality. 

Our infinity doors (see number 10 on our list) is often made into a “Top Hung” door with stainless mechanisms.  

No. 2 Ventilated Sliding doors

Adding more character to your bedroom and getting that all important “Air-flow”

are our TROPPO doors.  They incorporate panels of perforated metal at the top & bottom of each door.  Custom powder-coat finishes and flexibility in the main panel material, brings literally unlimited design combinations.

This room has black powder coated mesh inserts to co-ordinate with the adjacent window frames. A handy mirror for the girls and the useful glass panel doubles as a noticeboard with whiteboard markers.

No. 1 Classic 4 Panel White Decor Glass Sliding Doors.

Multi panel internal sliding doors are very popular in hallways, bedrooms and kitchens.  They look great in the various glass finishes for that extra glossy look, or standard 9mm melamine panels can work for a “toned down’ finish.

Four panelled doors add a bit of interest to the room, especially hallways and Linen cupboards. They accentuate the lateral flow of the room and can make a confined space appear much larger. At the end of the day, they are simply more interesting than a plain single panelled door.”

The Top Ten Sliding Door list


To achieve the Top Ten Sliding Door Design list, we have been highly scientific in our approach, analysing the ‘most clicked’ on images through Pinterest, Facebook, google, Houzz and Instagram. We also know exactly what we make and how many, so the Top Ten Sliding Wardrobe Door lists a represents a combination of the above.


I would like to point out that all the images on our top ten list are our own designs and all Sliding Doors are made by Form Function NT.  Some of the photos were taken by Mark Marcelis and featured in Resident Magazine, the rest are from Carl’s iPhone.   We have not taken images off the internet that belonged to someone else.

These designs are born from Carl’s naturally imaginative mindset and he is unrelenting commitment to his clients.

You can call Carl direct to discuss your project, design objectives and materials.