Sometimes it’s better to make-over than start-over

When you built, or bought, your regulation three-bedroom ten years ago, chances are mirror sliding doors featured in every bedroom.

There are upsides to that. They make rooms look bigger and lighter.  They are cost effective and, back in the day, they were the bees knees.

Times change, and so do your preferences. Chances are, ten years on, you don’t like catching your reflection as you bounce out of bed.

Your children have morphed into self-conscious teenagers and now spend far too much time studying their look instead of their book.

We know these things because we have sliding mirror wardrobe doors in our home. But we are also in the business of creative wardrobe door solutions, so we have come up with a brilliant, if we do say so ourselves, cost effective option of a sliding door makeover.

The options are endless. You could simply replace a couple of mirror panels with plain white panels or white décor glass, all for just $500.

You could change it up by replacing all mirror doors with white panels, add in some aluminium but retain some of the existing mirrors to funky, full height dress mirrors.

Or you can get rid of mirrors altogether and insert solid Jarrah louvre strips with white panel.

Our makeovers retain the door frame and aluminium tracks and jambs so there is no risk of damage to carpet or paint.

 Visit our showroom to view some great new sliding door design options and chat to Carl about your sliding door makeover.