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Mondrian Inspired Wardrobe Doors

Mondrian Inspired Wardrobe Doors work on the principals of draughtsmanship and drawing, direct lines intersected by planes of colour. Look, describe Mondrian how you like, we just think his work is very cool. So, in honour to the great man we’ve created a series of Mondrian Inspired Sliding Doors. We have colour matched to suit individual décor and always had heaps of fun whenever we’ve been commissioned to make these statement pieces.

If you too are a Mondrian fan & would like to cover your hallway linen cupboard or wardrobe with a homage to Piet, then contact us now and let’s have some FUN!

Sizing Options

Made To Measure

Height:  Up to 2700mm 

Width:  1200mm per Door

Panel Choices


Choice of Any available Timbers.

Refurbished Timbers e.g. floorboards

Stained to match your specifications


Glass, Laminates, Wallpaper, Mesh, Mini Orb, Bamboo’s.  

We will work with most flat surfaces to provide you with the result you are looking for






We can Install or you can have your own Cabinet Maker or Builder Install the doors.



We may have a Cabinet Maker or Builder in your area who can provide install. 


We will work with your Cabinet Maker or Builder.   



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