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Louvre Sliding Doors

The attraction of traditional louvre sliding doors is airflow combined with real timber. Our bespoke design creates a designer-look wardrobe door that is ideal for a tropical climate.

We include a basket-weave contour that repels dust and has the timber-grain appeal and ventilation.

We can make the multi panel sliding door side panels from any material. You can have painted glass side panels for a full gloss effect or opt for a matt finish in melamime. We can also make these louvre sliding doors with powder coat aluminium slats to create a sleek and contemporary style.

We machine and finish the louvre blades in real timber here in our workshop, then basket weave by hand to create these very popular sliding wardrobe doors. There is something quite satisfying about using all our “short ends” from the joinery shop.

Our clients often give us short ends of solid timber left over from previous work around their homes to use in their sliding doors. Off cuts from decking are a classic example, as are old hardwood beams and studs removed during renovations. Even old-fashioned cedar Louvre doors hold precious timber that we can use in the fabrication of our stunning SUKIYA louvre sliding door range.

If you need airflow in your cupboard, love timber finishes and want a textural element in the room, enquire now about our louvre sliding doors.


Sizing Options

All our Sliding Doors are Made to Measure

Height:  Up to 2700mm

Width:  1200mm per Door

Timber & Panel


Choose any available timbers:

  • refurbished or recycled timbers, such as floorboards
  • stained to match your specifications


  • choose from glass, laminates, wallpaper, mesh, mini orb, bamboos.  
  • we will work with most flat surfaces to provide you with the result you are looking for.



Install & Delivery

Install and delivery


We can install your doors in Darwin or work with your preferred installer, cabinet maker or builder.



We will deliver to your nearest capital city. If you aren’t close to one, give us a call to discuss delivery options.

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